Best product to use to repair a concrete airplane hanger floor?

We have a substantial customer base that utilizes our epoxy floor resurfacers for their airplane hanger floors.

Zip-Crete 137 is the product we recommend to repair/resurface an air hanger floor. The main reason is due to its smooth and glossy finish which is the type of finish you see on the floors in most airplane hangers. Although the floor epoxy has a smooth finish, it still incredibly non skid.

Zip-Crete 137 is also a self leveling floor epoxy which mean it can be applied with a notched squeegee after pouring the mixed epoxy out of the container onto the concrete. 

Zip-Crete is to be applied at 1/16" @ 50 sq. ft. per 5 gal. unit.

SDS sheets and installation steps can be found on Zip-Cretes product page.

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