Frequently Asked: Best way to repair a concrete freezer floor?

The best way to repair a walk in freezer floor that is -20 degrees to 30 degrees is with our product Arctic Crete. You are able to repair your concrete floor in a freezer without having to shut your freezer down and it cures in 2 hours.

Repairing a freezer floor often requires shutting down your cooler/freezer and emptying out product and risk losing money. With Arctic Crete, you are able to apply this epoxy floor repair in temperatures down to -20 degrees. This product will also cure In 2 hours vs most floor repair products that cure in 24-72 hours.

Arctic Crete is a USDA approved flooring product so you are able to stay up to code for USDA audits. 

Each Arctic Crete unit covers 15 sq. ft at 1/8” and applicable in temperatures down to -20 degrees.

The area must be clean and dry before application. Pot life is 5 minutes and cure time is 2 hours.

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