Fast setting concrete repair epoxy : Fast-Rock 143

Repair your floor with epoxy floor repair that is 6x stronger than concrete in 2 hours! Fast-Rock 143 has a cure time on 2 hours in 70 degrees temperatures.

For a permanent and fast repair for your warehouse floor, we suggest utilizing Fast-Rock 143 as this product can also handle steel wheel traffic!

Fast-Rock is to be applied at 1/8" and each 5 gallon unit covers approximately 30 sq. ft. in 70 degrees.

If you have a trowel, that is the best tool to use to spread the epoxy in the area you are repairing. The area must be dry before application to avoid peeling, cracking, etc. 

Fast rock is a 3 part epoxy system that can be mixed in the 5 gallon bucket the product comes in. 

This product is also zero VOC which means it contains no volatile organic compounds.

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