Is acid eating away at your concrete or epoxy floors? Try Acid Crete 121!

Acid eating away at your floors? Try Acid Crete 121!


A common problem in industries that deal with chemicals and acids is that their floor is eaten away by those same chemicals and acids whether it be a concrete floor in a food processing plant or it’s a laboratory epoxy floor in a science research center.


We designed a product specifically for this issue. Acid Crete 121 is an acid and chemical resistant epoxy floor patch designed to repair concrete floors that are subjected to acid spills, chemical exposure and more!


This product can be used as a floor patch or a floor resurfacer. Acid Crete should be applied at 1/8” covering approximately 50 sq ft at 70 degrees F. 


Acid Crete is resistant to Acetic, chromic hydrochloric (45%), Nitric (10%), Oleic, Sulfuric (75%), Phosphoric and many other chemicals.


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