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Road Patch 202

High Performance All-Weather Pothole Patch

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•High Performance Asphalt - All Weather Pothole Patch

•Ideal Asphalt Patch For Roads, Train Tracks, Runways, Highways and More!

•No Primer Needed

•Ready To Use, No Heating Or Mixing

•Viscosity Adjusted Relative To Climate

•Product Does NOT Get Stuck To The Bag/Pail

•Each Pothole Patch Bag is 100% recyclable

•Asphalt Will Adhere to wet surfaces

•Pliable And Easy To Use

•We Use The Finest Raw Materials

•Up To 3 Years Of Shelf Life

•Can Be Applied From -20 Below Zero UpTo 140F

•Protect Our Raw Materials From Start To Finish


Use: All Weather High-Performance Pothole Patch

Coverage: 6 sq ft.

Cure Time: Immediate

Unit Size: 5 Gallons

Unit Weight: 62 lbs

Storage Life: 2 years


5 gal. Plastic Pail

Asphalt Patch


1.First sweep out all standing water and loose debris from the hole

2.Apply ROAD PATCH as it comes from the drum.Tamp it in place or roll it in with a car.

SDS Sheet

Terms of sale

1. Coveraged as specified are approximately and not guaranteed as they vary with the individual application.

2. All prices are subject to change without notice.

3. All material are shipped F.O.B. Cleveland plant.

4. MIPCO assumes no liability beyond the purchase price of the material.

5. Returns must be authorized by our office and will be subject to a 30% restocking fee.

6. Absolutely NO returns after 30 days.