What is all weather pothole patch?

An all-weather pothole patch is a type of material that is used to repair potholes in roads and driveways in any season. Whether the ground is freezing or its 100 degrees outside. Potholes are formed when water seeps into cracks in the surface of the road and then freezes, expanding and breaking up the pavement. Potholes can be a nuisance and can cause damage to vehicles if not repaired.

All-weather pothole patch is a type of repair material that can be used in any weather condition to fill potholes. It is usually made of a mixture of asphalt and a polymer binder, which helps it to adhere to the surface of the road and remain in place even under the weight of traffic. 

All-weather pothole patch can be used to repair potholes quickly and easily, without the need for specialized equipment or a dry, sunny day. It is a popular choice for road maintenance departments, railroad yards, parking lot management companies  and contractors because it is easy to use and can be applied in any weather conditions which makes the patch stronger than traditional hot patch.  

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